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Naz Naturals is a Liberian cosmetic company that is committed to working with and building the local community that will empower young women feel beautiful and confident about themselves while breaking down negative messages that are being fed to them by the media.We do this by providing solutions for all their hair needs.  Our products are carefully formulated for natural hair (kinky, curly, coily), but also work for transitioning and relaxed hair.

Our vision

We envision a society where women would not only convey positive images of natural beauty in all facets, but also embody and fully represent the essence of sisterhood and self-confidence at its best.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create innovative products and experiences  that harness the energy of the natural hair movement in Africa and empower young women and girls feel beautiful and confident about themselves.

Our Brand Promise

Natural, safe and affordable beauty for all.


What Our customers Say

I’ve always struggled with finding the right products for my hair, all I needed was something that’ll moisturize my scalp and make my hair shine without causing build-ups.
Naz Natural’s black soap shampoo and hair growth oil are a dream come through.
Ever since I started using Naz Naturals products, my hair has never been nappier, I’ve never been happier. The Shea Moisturizers give my hair a satisfying glow and leaves me with juicy twists. I use it every time to soften my hair when am styling, and it always serves my hair right.
since I started using Naz Naturals products, my hair has been growing beautifully, it’s softer and easy to manage. The kernel oil leave in conditioner makes it easier to style my hair.
Naz Naturals work wonders for me. My hair is more moisturized, more manageable and so easy to care for.
Naz naturals products have helped me stay natural. Their Twist butter and leave- in conditioner leaves my hair curly and ready to go without much effort.  Totally recommended.
My relationship with my hair was complicated until I started using Naz natuarals. Their products nourishes my roots/scalp and help the growth of every strand on my head..
In search for an organic and affordable hair solution to my coarse and tangled hair, I came cross Naz Naturals. Their products give my hair a beautiful finishing and detangling is so easy.  .
Nula Enders
Tracy Bedell
Benita Urey
Jimcelia Feika
Folecia Dagher
Bobbyline Johnson
Kelvin Jhamnani

Our Ingredients

Our hair care products are formulated from the best of natural ingredients in west Africa.


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